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Bosch (4482) HGR8MQP0 2 Platinum +4 Spark Plug, Pack Of 1

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4482 HGR8MQP0 2 Platinum 4 Spark Plug


Package Quantity: 1

The 4482 HGR8MQP0 2 Platinum +4 Spark Plug is the right solution in case you're searching for the latest spark plug. Just one of the key features is the never requires gapping, the electrode gap is factory-set and never requires adjustment. It's 1"H x 4"L x 0.85"W and weighs around 0.13 lbs. 4482 HGR8MQP0 2 Platinum +4 Spark Plug. For the best bargain on this spark plug as well as other plugs, visit the button below.



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