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Ngk BR2LM Standard Spark Plug

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BR2LM Standard Spark Plug
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The BR2LM Standard Spark Plug manufactured by Ngk is a superb solution in case you are looking for the latest automotive spark plug. One of the several key features for this plug is the corrugated ribs on insulator prevents flashover. Additional features consist of longer insulator nose prevents fouling, solid copper core for greater spark and zinc dipped shell prevents corrosion. It's dimensions are 5" Height x 13" Length x 9" Width and it weighs just about 0.14 lbs. Awesome deal on BR2LM Standard Spark Plug. Should you need a good deal for this automotive spark plug, click on the shopping cart button on this page.


NGK Standard Spark Plug is manufactured to enhance the performance using the vehicle. This spark plug has resistor that is created with a glass and carbon mixture, which is fired to ensure superior performance and durability. It is constructed from durable material that is corrosion and abrasion resistant. It has corrugated ribs that stop flashover and cold rolled threads to inhibit harm to the cylinder head. This spark plug features a triple gasket sealing process that eliminates fuel leakage. The spark plug insulators are created from 99 percent pure alumina silicate, allowing for longer insulator noses for lowered fouling. It also consists of a solid copper core that provides superior heat dissipation and conductivity.


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