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Ngk CR9EK Standard Spark Plug

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CR9EK Standard Spark Plug


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The --, Ngk CR9EK Standard Spark Plug from Ngk is a nice solution for your car. It's my opinion you will like that the item has got this feature of corrugated ribs on insulator prevents flashover. Additional features include longer insulator nose prevents fouling. It's dimensions are 0.8"H x 4"L x 0.8"W and it weighs something like 0.1 lbs. The color of the spark plug is --. Lowest price for the --, cr9ek standard spark plug, click the weblink below.


NGK standard spark plug is manufactured to boost the performance of any car. Dual ground electrodes for more consistent spark. Triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage and the zinc dipped shell prevents corrosion. Corrugated ribs on insulator prevents flashover. It is constructed from durable supplies which can be corrosion and abrasion resistant. Solid copper core for greater spark, superior heat dissipation and conductivity. Longer insulator nose prevents fouling. The spark plug insulators are developed from 99 percent pure alumina silicate, permitting for longer insulator noses for decreased fouling.


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